Isidoor IJsatelier: From start-up to tasteful success with Ranson as supporting partner

In a charming conversation with Mieke Schellekens and Sarah Van Den Broeck, the enthusiastic proprietors of IJsatelier Isidoor, started in April 2023, we get an insight into the world of artisanal ice cream and the drivers behind their successful venture. With their unique vision and dedication, they have won a special place in the hearts of ice cream lovers in the region.

Can you tell us a bit more about Isidoor Ijsatelier and what drives you in this venture?

Mieke: "Of course, with pleasure! Isidoor Ijsatelier was born out of our shared passion for artisanal ice cream and our desire to spoil people with the most delicious flavours. We are two enthusiastic sisters-in-law who complement each other perfectly, and we place enormous value on quality, customer-friendliness, and enthusiasm. We believe these elements are the key to a successful ice cream business."

Where exactly can we find Isidoor Ijsatelier?

Sarah: "Our ice cream studio is located in St Isidorushoeve in Poppel, Belgium. It is a special location that will be 100 years old next year and once served as a test farm of the Belgian Farmers' Union. What particularly attracted us to this place was its tranquillity and beautiful front garden. We are close to the border with the Netherlands, and that has brought us a large Dutch clientele, especially as we are on a popular cycling route."

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What is your vision for Isidoor Ijsatelier?

Mieke: "Our vision is based on using pure and authentic flavours, along with the very best products we can find. We want our customers to taste the difference in the quality of our ice cream. But we go beyond that. Customer friendliness and enthusiasm are just as important to us. Going forward, we aim to further expand our ice cream deliveries to catering and retail outlets."

What are the best sellers at Isidoor Ijsatelier?

Sarah: "Our bestsellers are, among others, the Yoghurt amarena, Caramel sea salt/stracciatella, Vanilla, and the Frangipane. The latter ice cream in particular is highly appreciated by our Dutch customers, as it is often an unknown product for them. In addition, our sorbets are also very well liked."

Why do customers choose Isidoor Ijsatelier?

Mieke: "Customers choose us because of the irresistible, creamy and natural taste of our ice cream. But it goes beyond that. They also appreciate our enthusiasm and the friendly atmosphere they experience at our place. Moreover, the idyllic surroundings of our ice cream studio add to the overall experience."

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What makes Ranson special to you as a partner?

Mieke: ”Wannes De Ranter (Business Development Ice Cream Ranson) is a particularly enthusiastic and driven person. He guided us excellently during the start-up, with recipes and product recommendations. He also shows interest in our growth process and follows everything closely. Ranson delivers high-quality products, but more importantly they continue to advise and support us even after the start-up. Wannes offers regular refresher courses, which is how he met Rubén Riquelme, Cresco's ice cream specialist, during the season. Rubén is a real artist when it comes to presentation and decoration. He gave us some tips & tricks so that we can offer just that little bit more. All this makes Ranson an indispensable partner for us in our ice-cream adventure."

Isidoor IJsatelier is not just a place to taste ice cream, but a destination where craft, passion and customer focus come together. With a beautiful location, authentic flavours and a strong partnership with Ranson, the future of Isidoor Ice Cream Studio promises to be as tasty as their delicious ice cream creations.
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IJsatelier Isidoor is niet zomaar een plek om ijs te proeven, maar een bestemming waar ambacht, passie en klantgerichtheid samenkomen. Met een prachtige locatie, authentieke smaken en een sterke samenwerking met Ranson, belooft de toekomst van Isidoor Ijsatelier even smakelijk als hun heerlijke ijscreaties.