More customer service with less effort? You can do it with an order kiosk!

As the manager of an ice cream shop, customer satisfaction is crucial. After all, satisfied customers come back and create positive word-of-mouth advertising. Research shows that long queues are one of the biggest frustrations of ice cream parlour customers. An order kiosk can shorten this queue and keep your customers happy.

What is an order kiosk and how does it work?

An order kiosk is a digital checkout system that allows customers to place and pay for orders at their own pace. The order is then automatically forwarded to the kitchen or ice cream counter staff. Although originally popular in the fast food industry, this system also offers several advantages for ice cream shops and tearooms.

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Discover 4 advantages of an order kiosk:

  • Faster service: Customers no longer have to wait in line, resulting in faster service.
  • Fewer errors: As customers enter their orders themselves, errors are significantly less likely.
  • Increased turnover: Accelerated service allows more customers to be served, which increases turnover. Moreover, customers are more inclined to add extras to their order when asked.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate the control over their orders and can calmly browse the offer without rushing.

Interested in a order kiosk, buy or lease?

Get guidance when deciding on the right order kiosk. It is essential that it is user-friendly for customers and staff, has the right software and is strategically placed in your salon.

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