New Ranson website

Thumb nieuwe website

We are very happy to announce today that Ranson is getting a new website. Behind the scenes, we've been busy for a while now getting everything up to speed. The look and feel of the website will remain more or less the same. The most important novelties are to make it more pleasant and easier for our customers to place orders.

We would like to sum up for you what exactly is new:

  • The sales department works on the same platform as the customers. In this way, you and your representative are increasingly speaking the same language.
    • If the customer places an order via the webshop or the Sales representative places an order, this will immediately be shown on the platform. If you place an order via the SPOC it will only be visualized the day after.
    • If the customer prepares an order, Sales can continue working on this order.
  • Better overview of back orders
  • Invoices can now be downloaded via the platform
  • Clearer filtering possible
  • More photos + the details of the products are expanded daily
  • More variables are taken into account for the price calculation, so that the price is displayed more correctly.