Crookies: The Sweet Revolution conquering TikTok!

A new culinary hype is engulfing TikTok and stirring many food lovers worldwide. The "Crookie", a delectable fusion of a croissant and chocolate chip cookies, is the latest obsession on the social media platform and has its origins on the streets of Paris. What began as a local treat at a bakery in the French capital has now become a global sensation.

The crookie combines the crispy, buttery texture of a traditional croissant with the sweet, creamy taste of chocolate cookie dough. The result? A heavenly treat that captures the hearts of bakers, pastry chefs and foodies around the world.

Although the original crookie creation has its roots in Paris, the phenomenon is spreading like wildfire thanks to the power of TikTok. Short videos showing the preparation and enjoyment of crookies have gone viral, creating a veritable wave of interest among bakers, pastry chefs and hospitality operators.

For bakers, pastry chefs and hospitality operators, the crookie trend offers not only an opportunity to showcase their creativity and attract new customers, but also to respond to the demand of an ever-changing public looking for unique and innovative taste experiences.

As a baker, pastry chef or catering operator, you don't want to miss out on this emerging trend! Take inspiration from the crookie craze and surprise your customers with this delicious treat.

Crookie Grid


Cut open and bake the croissant, add the dough from the chocolate chip cookies between and on top of the croissant, then bake further.

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