Trendtour Parijs

Special Edition Afternoon Tea

This inspiring tour will guide you to the best patisseries, the hip and trendy food spots and the luxurious tea time locations in Paris. The protagonists such as Pierre Hermé, Philippe Conticini and Christophe Adans are like chameleons, adapting to the constant changes.

Afternoon Tea

We conclude the trend tour with an Afternoon Tea. This trend blew over from London and was picked up by a number of luxury hotels in Paris, serving very accessible and delicious afternoon tea. Some hotels may have a dress code, others may not, but we recommend that you dress smart casual or neat when you want to indulge in these luxury temples.

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Start 08:00 End 20:47 \ Duration 12 hours and 47 minutes
Contents Start End
Verzamelen Brussel Zuid 08:00 16:01
Thalys Brussel Zuid > Paris Nord 08:43 10:06
Trendtour deel I - "Whats new in Paris?" 16:01 16:01
Afternoon tea @ 5***** Hotel 15:00 16:01
Trein Paris Nord > Brussel Zuid 19:25 20:47


Date 07/06/2022